Francis C. Barlow
Autograph Quotation Signed


Autograph Quotation Signed dated 2/22/1894.

"The tariff ought to be reduced, and indeed abolished unless it is needed for revenue for the reason that no matter how able & impartial the members of Congress are, it is not in the power of man to fairly adjust the conflicting interests of men by legislation"
Francis Barlow New York Feb 22nd 1894

A great quotation in which Barlow gives his opinion on the number 1 political issue in 1894, the McKinley Tariff which imposed a tariff of 48% on imported goods, which was favored by the Republicans. The Democrats favored a free trade and a low tariff. A compromise of sort was reached in 1894 with the Wilson-Gorman Act which reduced the tariff to 41% but provided
for a Federal Income Tax (declared unconstitutional in 1895).

Conservation framed with period engraving.


Francis C. Barlow

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Autograph Quotation Signed (AQS)

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