Warren G. Harding
Document Signed

WARREN G. HARDING SIGNED PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENT Presidential appointment document partially printed on paper and SIGNED AS PRESIDENT by 29th president Warren G. Harding (November 2, 1865 – August 2, 1923) on August 20, 1921 appointing Henry C. Hooker (1869-1956) to the post of Postmaster of Leigh in the county of Colfax in Nebraska. Bearing the 4.25 inch signature of Harding, the signature of the postmaster general, William H. Hays (November 5, 1879 – March 7, 1954) - who 18 months later would resign as postmaster to become the head of the precursor to the Motion Picture Association and the developer of the "Hays Code" of morality in film - and the embossed seal of the Post Office Department of the United States of America

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Warren Harding

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Document Signed

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