Richard Nixon
Typed Letter Signed

A very interesting TLS with handwritten salutation and P. S. dated 2/22/1994 in which Nixon seems to anticipate his own death only weeks away (4/22/1994).  In full:

"Dear Minnie & Paul, To be reminded that I am celebrating another birthday at my advanced age is in some ways rather frightening.  But your very thoughtful card made the day a very special one, and I want you to know how much I appreciated it.  With every good wish for the new year.
I still hope to have a small dinner for you when you are back this way."

The letter is written to Paul Keyes who was a writer and producer of some famous TV shows (Rowan & Martin, Jack Paar).

Conservation framed with portrait.


Richard Nixon

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Typed Letter Signed

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16 1/2"w x 20 1/2"h


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