Anne Geddes
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Anne Geddes  is one of the world's most respected and acclaimed photographers.  Her love for children, in particular babies, has resulted in her creating a portfolio of extraordinary, unique, and loving photographic images that have been the inspiration for a range of books published in some 17 languages.

A Labor of Love details the emotions and attitudes that have shaped Anne's life and underpinned her creative drive--a drive that has helped produce the world renowned, unique, and emotive baby photography that has made Anne Geddes a household name.  Beginning with early childhood memories and images, Anne describes the moment when she discovered that photography was her calling and goes on to tell many behind-the -scenes stories from some of her favorite images.  This fascinating book will give you unique look into Anne Geddes' world. Anne's personal story, together with her extraordinary body of work, clearly demonstrates her undeniable love of the newborn, reinforcing the inherent message behind her imagery: PROTECT  NURTURE  LOVE
Her book, an autobiography, A Labor of Love signed on the title page "Anne Geddes."



Anne Geddes

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Signed Book

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