Please note most of the signed books & CDs we offer are obtained in-person by the owner of The Inkwell Autograph Gallery.
We do not accept consignments OR depend on others to get our material signed.

All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity
An Autographed Book or CD Makes A Great Gift!





Alan Alda (Signed Book)
Pamela Anderson (Signed Book)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Dan Aykroyd (Signed DVD)
Dan Aykroyd (Signed DVD)
Lauren Bacall (Signed Book)
Max Baer & Donna Douglas (Signed Book)
David Bailey (Signed Book)
Adrienne Barbeau (Signed Book)
Drew Barrymore (Signed Book)
Drew Barrymore (Signed Book)
Maria Bello (Signed Book)
Jim Belushi (Signed Book)
Tom Berenger (Signed DVD)
Valerie Bertinelli (Signed Book)
Linda Blair (Signed Book)
Ernest Borgnine (Signed Book)
Russell Brand (Signed Book)
Christie Brinkley (Signed Book)
Carol Burnett (Signed Book)
Carol Burnett (Signed Book)
Carol Burnett (Signed Book)
Michael Caine (Signed Book)
Theresa Caputo (Signed Book)

Chris Carter/X-Files (Signed Book)
Jim Carrey (Signed Book)
Kim Catrell (Signed Book)
John Cleese (Signed Book)
Joan Collins (Signed Book)
Lauren Conrad ("Style" Signed Book)
Lauren Conrad (Signed Book)
Tim Conway (Signed Book)
Bill Cosby (Signed Book)
Kevin Costner (Signed Book)
Cindy Crawford (Signed Book)
Billy Crystal (Signed Book)
Billy Crystal (Signed Book)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Signed Book)
Tony Curtis (Signed Book)
Tony Curtis (Signed Book) British Edition
Ted Danson (Signed Book)
Tony Danza (Signed Book)
Paula Deen (Signed Book)
Paula Deen (Signed Book)
Bo Derek (Signed Book)
Cameron Diaz (Signed Book)
Cameron Diaz (Signed Book)
David Duchovny (Signed Book)
Kirk Douglas (Signed Book)
Hilary Duff (Signed Book)
Barbara Eden (Signed Book)
John Edward (Signed Book)
Michael D. Eisner (Signed Book)
Linda Evans (Signed Book)
Farrah Fawcett (Signed Book)
Corey Feldman (Signed Book)
Will Ferrell/Ron Burgundy (Signed Book) 
Larry Flynt (Signed Book)  
Jane Fonda (Signed Book)
Jane Fonda (Signed Book)
Peter Fonda (Signed Book)
Brendan Fraser (Signed Book)
Brad Garrett (Signed Book)
Ina Garten (Signed Book)
Jennie Garth (Signed Book)
Anne Geddes (Signed Book)
Kathie Lee Gifford Signed Book
Louis Gossett Jr. (Signed Book)
George Hamilton (Signed Book)
Harry Hamlin (Signed Book)
Neil Patrick Harris (Signed Book)  
Teri Hatcher (Signed Book)
Goldie Hawn (Signed Book)
Tippi Hedren (Signed Book)
Hugh Hefner (Signed Book)
Florence Henderson (Signed Book)
Mariel Hemingway (Signed Book)
Mariel Hemingway (Signed Book)
Kate Hudson (Signed Book)
Eric Idle (Signed Book)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Signed Book)
Jesse James (Signed Book)
Shirley Jones (Signed CD)
Kris Jenner (Kardashian) (Signed Book)
Sally Kellerman (Signed Book)
Larry King (Signed Book)
Jack Klugman (Signed Book)
Heidi Klum (Signed Book)

Nathan Lane (Signed Book)
Cloris Leachman (Signed Book)
Norman Lear (Signed Book)
Spike Lee (Signed Book)
Spike Lee (Signed Book)

Spike Lee (Signed Book)

Spike Lee (Signed Book)

Stan Lee (Signed Photo)
Janet Leigh (Signed Book)
Jay Leno (Signed Book)
Phil Lesh (Signed Book)
Jerry Lewis (Signed Book)
Jerry Lewis (Signed DVD)
Tina Louise (Signed Book)
Christopher Lloyd/Lea Thompson (Signed DVD)
Mario Lopez (Signed Book)
Mario Lopez (Signed Book)
Jane Lynch (Signed Book)
Brad Meltzer (Signed Book)
Jenny McCarthy (Signed Book)
Maureen McCormick (Signed Book)
Danica McKellar (Signed Book)
Pippa Middleton (Signed Book)
Bette Midler (Signed Book)
Alyssa Milano (Signed Book)
Julianne Moore (Signed Book)
Roger Moore (Limited Edition Sealed Signed Book)
Roger Moore (Signed Book)
Roger Moore (Signed Book)
Kate Moss (Signed Book)
Kunal Nayyar (Signed Book)
Leonard Nimoy (Signed Book)

Hugh O'Brian (Signed Book)
Rosie O'Donnell (Signed Book)
Ryan & Tatum O'Neal (Signed DVD)
Tatum O'Neal (Signed Book)
Kelly Osbourne (Signed Book)
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book) American
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Bookplate) British
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book) American
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book) British
Sharon Osbourne (Signed Book)
Michael Palin (Signed Book)
Michael Palin (Signed Book)
Michael Palin (Signed Book)
Gwyneth Paltrow (Signed Book)
Ron Perlman (Signed Book)
Mackenzie Phillips (Signed Book)
Mackenzie Phillips (Signed Book)
Amy Poehler (Signed Book)
Priscilla Presley (Signed Book)
Dave Prowse (Signed Book)
Gordon Ramsay (Signed Book)
Carl Reiner (Signed Book)
Paul Reubens/Pee-Wee Herman (Signed DVD)
Molly Ringwald (Signed Book)
Melissa Rivers (Signed Book)  
Peter Robbins SP (Orig. voice of Charlie Brown)
Anne Robinson (Signed Book)
Al Roker (Signed Book)
Ray Romano (Signed Book)
Ray Romano (Signed Book)
Isabella Rossellini (Signed Book)
Sarah, Duchess of York (Signed Book)
Jane Seymour (Signed Book)
Brooke Shields (Signed Book)
Brooke Shields (Signed Book)
Sarah Silverman (Signed Book)
Alicia Silverstone (Signed Book)
Yeardley Smith (Signed Book)
Paul Sorvino (Signed Book)
David Spade (Signed Book)
Tori Spelling (Signed Book)
Sylvester Stallone (Signed Book)
Martha Stewart (Signed Book)
Martha Stewart (Signed Book)
Kiefer Sutherland (Signed Poster) coming soon
Dita Von Tesse (Signed Book)
Emma Thompson (Signed Book)
Emma Thompson (Signed Book)
Fred Thompson (Signed Book)
Twiggy (Signed Book)
Robert Wagner (Signed Book)
Raquel Welch (Signed Book)
Vanessa Williams (Signed Book)
Henry Winkler (Signed Book)
Henry Winkler (Signed Book)
Henry Winkler (Signed Book)




An Autographed Book/CD Makes A Great Gift!

Steven Adler (Signed Book)
Alan Aldridge (Signed Book)
Rick Allen (Def Leppard) signed CD coming soon
(America) Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell (Signed CD)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Julie Andrews (Signed Book)
Paul Anka (Signed Book)
Paul Anka (Signed CD)
Ginger Baker (Cream) Signed DVD
Mikhail Baryshnikov (Signed Book)
Beach Boys (Signed CD)
Tony Bennett (Signed Book)  
Tony Bennett (Signed Book)
Tony Bennett (Signed CD)
George Benson (Signed Book)
Pete Best (Signed Book)
Jason Bonham (Signed Drum Head)
Pat Boone (Signed Children's book)
Pat Boone (Signed Book)
Pattie Boyd (Signed Book)
Pattie Boyd Signed Book
Bill Bruford (YES) (Signed Book)
Michael Buble' (Signed CD)
Eric Burdon (The Animals) (Signed CD)
Eric Burdon (The Animals) (Signed CD)
Kelly Clarkson (Signed Book)
George Clinton (Signed Book)
Judy Collins (Signed Book)
Judy Collins (Signed Book)
Elvis Costello (Signed Book)
Sheryl Crow (Signed Book)
Cherie Currie (Signed Book)
Miley Cyrus (Signed Book)
Dave Davies (The Kinks) (Signed CD)
Ray Davies (The Kinks) (Signed Book)
Clive Davis (Signed Book)
John Densmore (The Doors) (Signed Book)
Neil Diamond (Signed CD)
Placido Domingo (Signed Book)
Donovan (Signed Book)
Geoff Emerick (Beatles) (Signed Book)
Keith Emerson (Signed Book)
Gloria Estefan (Signed Book)
Michael Feinstein (Signed Book)
Michael Flatley (Signed Book)
Mick Fleetwood (Signed CD)
John Fogerty (Signed Book)
Benard Fowler (Rolling Stones) Signed CD
Ace Frehley (Signed Book)
Sammy Hagar (Signed Book)
Olivia Harrison (Signed Book)
Justin Hayward (Signed CD)
Justin Hayward (Signed Album)
Heart/Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson (Signed CD) 
The Hudson Brothers (Signed DVD)
Janis Ian (Signed Book)
Billy Idol (Signed Book)
LL Cool J (Signed Book)
Al Jardine (Signed Book)
Jewel (Signed Book)
Shirley Jones (Signed CD)
Steve Jones (Signed Book)
Journey (Signed CD)
Larry Kane (Signed Book)
Robby Krieger (The Doors) (Signed Album)
Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) Signed Book
Patti LaBelle (Signed Book)
Robert Landau (Signed Book)
Michael Lang (Signed Book)
Phil Lesh (Signed Book)


Mike Love (Signed Book)
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) (Signed Book)
Yo-Yo Ma (Signed LP)
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) Signed Book
Brian May (Queen) (Signed Book)
Martina McBride (Signed Book)
Mary McCartney (Signed Book) (British)
Marilyn McCoo/Billy Davis, Jr. (Signed Book)
Duff McKagan (Signed Book) 
Duff McKagan (Signed Book)
Ian McLagan (The Faces) Signed Book
Lady Gaga (Signed CD)
John Mellencamp (Signed CD)

Lea Michele (Signed Book)
Bette Midler (Signed Book)
Moody Blues (Signed Poster) coming soon
Matthew Morrison/Glee (Signed CD)
Graham Nash (Signed LP) coming soon
Willie Nelson (Signed Book)
Mike Nesmith (Signed Song Book)
Yoko Ono (Signed CD)
Kelly Osbourne (Signed Book)
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book) (American)
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Bookplate) (British)
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book) (American)
Ozzy Osbourne (Signed Book)(British)
Sharon Osbourne (Signed Book)
May Pang (Signed Book)
Linda Perry & Sara Gilbert (Signed CD)
Lisa Marie Presley (Signed CD)
Priscilla Presley (Signed Book)
Procul Harum (Signed CD)
Helen Reddy (Signed Book coming soon
Robbie Robertson (The Band) Signed Book

Robbie Robertson (The Band) (Signed Book)
Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) Signed LP coming soon

The Runaways (Lita Ford & Cherie Currie Signed CD)
Black Sabbath (Signed CD)
Black Sabbath (Signed CD)
Neil Sedaka (Signed Book)
Russell Simmons (Signed Book)
Carly Simon (Signed Book)
Patti Smith (Signed Book)
Patti Smith (Signed Book)
Rick Springfield (Signed Book)
Bruce Springsteen (Limited Edition signed book) coming soon
Bruce Springsteen (Signed Book)
Scott Stapp (Signed Book)
Paul Stanley (Signed Book)
Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons (Signed Book)
Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons (Signed CD)
Paul Stanley/Ace Frehley (Signed CD)
Rod Stewart (Signed Book)
Marty Stuart (Signed Book) coming soon

Styx (Signed CD)  
Andy Summers/The Police (Signed Book)
John Taylor (Signed Book)
Pete Townshend (Signed VIP poster)

Pete Townshend (Signed Book)
Jethro Tull (Signed CD) 

Meghan Trainor (Signed CD)
Shania Twain (Signed Book)
Vanilla Fudge (Signed Drum Head)
Joe Walsh  (Signed CD)
Joe Walsh (Signed concert poster)

Dionne Warwick (Signed Book)
Brian Wilson (Signed Book)
Brian Wilson (Signed LP)
Brian Wilson (Signed CD)
Andy Williams (Signed Book)
Steve Winwood (Signed CD)
Ronnie Wood coming soon
Ronnie Wood (Signed Book)
Gary Wright (Signed Book)
Bill Wyman (Signed Book)
Bill Wyman (Signed CD)
Bill Wyman (Signed Book)
(Weird) Al Yankovic (Signed Book)
Peter Yarrow (Signed Book)
Peter Yarrow (Signed Book)
The Zombies (Signed Program) coming soon


TLS (Type Letter Signed) - the body of the letter is typed, but it is signed by the author.

ALS (Autograph Letter Signed) - the entire letter is in the hand of the author who signed it.

LS (Letter Signed) - the letter is written by someone (such as a secretary) other than the author, but it is signed by the author.

DS (Document Signed) - the document is written by another person (such as a secretary) or is printed, but it is signed by the author.

SP (Signed Photo) - A photograph signed by an author who is often depicted in the photo.

ANS (Autograph Note Signed) - the entire note is in the hand of the author who signed it.

AMQ (Autograph Musical Quotation) - the excerpt from a musical score is entirely in the hand of the composer who signed it.

AES (Autograph Endorsement Signed) - the endorsement on another person's letter or document is entirely in the hand of the author who signed the endorsement.

ADS (Autograph Document Signed) - the entire document is in the hand of the author who signed it.

Availability & pricing for all items are subject to change.