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The Autobiography of Donovan, The Hurdy Gurdy Man.

Born in Glasgow in 1946, Dovovan Leitch is recognized as one of the most influential musicians to have emerged from the twentieth century.  During the height of his career in the 1960's he wrote some of that generation's most memorable songs, with nine top-ten records including "Catch the Wind" and Mellow Yellow."  He is widely recognized as a founder of "Flower Power" and traveled to India with the Beatles to mediate under the guidance of the Maharishi.  He currently lives in Ireland with his wife, Linda, and continues to write poetry and music.

Signing witnessed and book obtained in person by the owner of The Inkwell Autograph Gallery.

I've met Donovan a couple of times now, and he is so nice! Enjoy hearing his stories about the Beatles and the swinging sixties.


Donovan Leitch

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